Transmission Rebuild in Grand Prairie, TX

Transmission Rebuild in Grand Prairie, and the entire Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

In some cases, the best way to reverse transmission problems, is to perform a transmission rebuild. The expert techs at SM Transmissions in Grand Prairie excel at transmission rebuilding for all makes and models of Asian, European and domestic cars, trucks and SUVs. If our thorough diagnostics determine the best way to get your car back on the road is a transmission rebuild, we will be sure to provide a full report of our findings. We believe in transparency and integrity in all our work, which is also why our transmission services are backed by a lifetime warranty. To learn more about transmission rebuilding costs or to schedule an appointment to find out if you need transmission rebuilding in Grand Prairie, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Free Transmission Diagnostic

Free Transmission Diagnostic in Grand Prairie, TXBefore performing an invasive transmission rebuild we will complete through transmission diagnostics, which includes a free initial evaluation. As part of our free diagnostics we will utilize all of our available tools and knowledge to pinpoint transmission trouble. Our findings may indicate that simple transmission maintenance could solve an existing issue or that more extensive repairs or transmission rebuilding is necessary. To schedule transmission diagnostics in Grand Prairie feel free to contact our team at your earliest convenience.

Automatic Transmission Rebuilding

Automatic transmission rebuilding in Grand Prairie is a speciality of SM Transmissions. If a rebuild is determined to be the best course of action, we will begin the process by removing the unit and completely disassembling it. Every part will be analyzed and cleaned or replaced as necessary during the reassembly period. We aim to complete fast transmission rebuilding that is done accurately to ensure you're able to return to the road quickly in a reliable vehicle. To learn more about the process or to request an estimate for the cost of automatic transmission rebuilds, please reach out to our crew.

Manual Transmission Rebuilding

Transmission Replacement in Grand Prairie, TXIf you believe that your car needs manual transmission rebuilding in Grand Prairie, we encourage you to speak with our experts. Our thorough diagnostic process will ensure that a transmission rebuild is in fact what your vehicle needs. If it's not, we will let you know. Once we begin manual transmission rebuild we will ensure that any and all damaged parts are replaced, giving you a like-new transmission upon completion.

Transmission Replacement

Transmission Replacement in Grand Prairie, TXIn some cases it may be found that the best method of repair is in fact a transmission replacement. This option can help return a vehicle to the road quicker than a transmission rebuild, but it isn't always the best option. After we complete expert diagnostics we will let you know what choices you have for your car, including transmission replacement in Grand Prairie. If a replacement is the given selection, rest assured we will source a perfect fit for your vehicle and back the labor with a great warranty.

SM Transmissions is a trusted transmission rebuilder in Grand Prairie. With more than 30 years of experience, we promise that our team will take great care of your vehicle. Please give our local transmission rebuilding shop a call at (469) 908-3690 to schedule transmission fixing or to request a quote for transmission repair costs for your specific vehicle.

"If you're needing any transmission work, this is the place to go. Sergio and his experienced, knowledgable team will go above and beyond to make sure you're taken care of."

"It was a great experience fixing the transmission of my sprinter van, driving perfect now, great job guys."