Why Many Drivers Still Prefer Manual Transmissions

Why Many Drivers Still Prefer Manual Transmissions

Last year, just 13% of new vehicle models had an option with a manual transmission. Also, the amount of Americans who even know how to drive a stick has dwindled to merely 20%. While it may seem that manual transmissions are headed for the history books, there are still plenty of automotive enthusiasts who prefer driving a standard. From greater control to cheaper repairs, there are many reasons that standard transmissions are desirable. Here are five perks of driving a stick shift.

Maximum Power to Wheels

With an automatic transmission, the hydraulic pump and torque converter are liable to draw away some of the power that has been generated. But in a manual transmission, the most amount of power will be sent straight to the wheels.

Greater Control

If you truly take great enjoyment in the driving experience, then there's a good chance you'll prefer a manual transmission. With a stick shift, you have significantly more control over your vehicle's patterns of acceleration. For many drivers, driving a manual is simply more fun, especially on stretches of winding country highways.


In automatic transmissions, the hydraulic pump can lead to greater fuel consumption, which won't be a concern with a manual. At the same time, it's worth noting that many recently manufactured automatic transmissions incorporate advanced technology that minimizes the difference in gas mileage.

Less Expensive to Repair

For the simple reason that manual transmissions are built with fewer parts, they're generally cheaper to repair than automatics.

Need Less Maintenance

Because torque converters in automatic transmissions often have a tendency to slip, fluid and filter changes are needed with greater frequency. Over the course of years, automatic fluid flushes can add up to a significant chunk of change.

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Posted: January 8, 2021

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