Am I driving with low transmission fluid?

Am I driving with low transmission fluid?

Transmission problems can get very expensive in a hurry, so you'll always want to take the proper precautions to keep your transmission in great shape, such as driving with the right level of clean fluid. Transmission fluid provides both hydraulic pressure and lubrication, making it a crucial component in maintaining your transmission's health. If your transmission fluid gets low, an assortment of issues may develop. When you first notice a sign of transmission trouble, it's best to visit SM Transmissions so one of our local transmission specialists can get right to work on addressing the issue. By quickly getting to our nearby auto shop, you can potentially nip the problem in the bud and save yourself from extremely expensive repairs.

Symptoms of Low Transmission Fluid

Low transmission fluid can lead to a number of symptoms developing. For one, low transmission fluid can cause delays in shifting of two or three seconds. This occurs because there isn't enough pressure to make gears change as quickly as they should. When transmission fluid gets low, it's also possible that your vehicle will fail to go into/stay in particular gears. If you're driving at high speeds, this could create a serious safety issue. Low transmission fluid might also lead to issues during the shifting process such as grinding or choppiness.

It's generally advised that you check your transmission fluid at least two times each year, and it's typically best to check this fluid while the engine is still on. Because transmission fluid is liable to contract as it cools, you could get a misleading reading on the fluid level if you check it while your engine is cold. If the fluid level has gotten concerningly low, then you may have a transmission fluid leak. Such leaks should always be addressed ASAP so that you don't risk major transmission problems developing. And if the fluid looks dark or is emitting a burning odor, then you'll want to bring it to our shop so that we can identify the underlying problem and get right to work on fixing it.

Getting Transmission Repair in Grand Prairie, TX

When you need transmission service, don't hesitate to contact SM Transmissions at (469) 908-3690. At SM Transmissions, our experienced transmission mechanics can expertly repair any problem. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment for transmission repair & maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX!

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Posted: June 12, 2021

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