Expert Transmission Service in Grand Prairie, TX

Expert Transmission Service in Grand Prairie, TX

Expert Transmission Service in Grand Prairie, TXBy avoiding certain bad driving habits, you can help to keep your transmission in great shape. But if you do notice a sign of transmission trouble, you'll want to promptly bring your vehicle to the shop for an inspection. Because seemingly small transmission issues can badly worsen within just a few miles, you'll want to try to address the problem before it worsens and potentially requires very expensive repairs. To prevent the need for transmission work, you'll want to avoid certain driving habits. Here are six ways to ruin your transmission.

Slam the Brakes

When you slam on the brakes, your transmission mounts can become prone to damage, which poses its own safety concern. While in some scenarios it may be unavoidable to hit your brakes hard, it's better for your car if you can safely avoid this.

Pound the Accelerator

By punching the gas pedal, you can greatly stress your vehicle's driveline parts, including your transmission. Your transmission may overheat if it doesn't get the opportunity to cool off after creating excessive torque.

Never Check Transmission Fluid

By ignoring your transmission fluid, it's unlikely you'll become aware if the fluid is burning or if its level gets dangerously low.

Don't Stop Before Shifting Between Reverse and Drive

If you don't fully stop before shifting between reverse and a forward gear, then unnecessary wear and tear is liable to occur in your transmission.

Don't Use Parking Brake

By not setting your parking brake, an inordinate amount of strain may be placed on your transmission as it tries to hold your car steady. This is particularly true if you're parked on a slope.

Skip Transmission Maintenance

If you put off transmission maintenance, you run the risk of friction causing parts to wear down to the point that major repairs are necessary.

If you need transmission repair, be sure to bring your vehicle to a reputable specialist. For transmission repair in Grand Prairie, Irving, Colleyville, and Arlington, TX, contact the experts at SM Transmissions at (469) 908-3690. SM Transmissions also offers expert transmission maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX. Feel free to give SM Transmissions a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle's transmission needs!

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Posted: December 8, 2020

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